Better manage PC refreshes using ImageConnect

As computers become more of the medium for content creation and consumption in education, the device count continues to increase every year.  Today’s education IT departments are challenged with procuring, managing, deploying, and securing those devices in exponentially increasing numbers each year.  ImageConnect was developed by Now Micro to alleviate the burden of provisioning PCs from deployment to delivery for medium to large school districts.

Deploying Devices

Traditional PC refreshes in education happen during the summer when students and teachers are on break.  A coordinated effort between IT and building maintenance on when to deploy new computers typically takes place between the start of a new budget cycle, July 1, and the beginning of a new school year.  The device count will continue to grow year over year, increasing the deployment challenges, as the number of devices needing to be staged moves from 1000s to 10,000s for each institution.

Better manage with ImageConnect:

ImageConnect was developed to expedite the deployment of large orders of PCs in a timely manner. A private secure link between an organization and our production environment is established, enabling ImageConnect to leverage your System Center Configuration Manager environment to completely provision your devices within our production facility. As the individual systems are provisioned through our production environment, they are imaged as if they are located at the client site.

ImageConnect benefits:

  • Systems arrive 100% ready for an end user to logon
  • Less technician time per deploy
  • No more shipping of golden images
  • You always receive the most up to date image
  • Increase overall compliance and security by ensuring devices never touch your network without your organizational image and policies
  • Ship direct to deploy location instead of a staging area

What do customers say?

Feedback from a large public school district stated: “Traditionally we would refresh 1/3 of our fleet every year.  With our 1:1 initiative we have tripled our summer deployment.  Now Micro’s ImageConnect has taken the burden of provisioning PCs for deployment off of my staff, allowing them to spend more time driving our strategic technology initiatives”