Delivering a Secure, Customized Experience with Microsoft Windows Embedded

Now Micro’s solutions leveraging Microsoft Windows Embedded deliver a customized user experience, ensure a secure device, and decrease costs.

Microsoft Windows Embedded on Now Micro hardware has several key advantages over traditional methods of delivering single-purpose devices, such as kiosks, digital signs, tablets, POS terminals, or customer-facing computing devices.

Now Micro’s unique mix of expertise in hardware, system customization, information security, and systems management provides three key deliverables:

  • Obtain the precisely desired end-user experience.
  • Reduce security risk through system hardening and attack surface reduction.
  • Decrease operational costs through automated image build, deployment, and maintenance.

Delivering a Customized User Experience
Using Windows Embedded features, Now Micro has the ability to craft the exact experience desired by end users—whether it’s a digital signage solution, kiosk, tablet, or POS application. Specifically, Now Micro ensures the application set starts automatically, and any issues that diminish the experience can be fixed by a simple reboot. The customizations are fully scripted, ensuring the device is ready as soon as it leaves the box without manual deployment steps in the field.

Securing Devices
Microsoft Windows Embedded includes a number of features that can improve the security posture by reducing risk:

  • The device can be locked down to only run certain executables.
  • Changes to the hard disk can be reverted upon reboot.
  • A system restore can be performed while the system is running.
  • The Windows key, gestures, and volume buttons can be disabled on tablets or kiosk PCs.

Now Micro also utilizes traditional system hardening techniques, such as vulnerability scanning software, implementing Least User Privilege for the interactive user, configuring anti-malware software, applying hardening guidance from Microsoft, and automating patch deployment.

Decreasing Total Cost of Ownership
The cost of maintaining deployed devices can dwarf the initial purchase cost of the devices, especially when dealing with single-purpose computers that are often spread over a wide geographical area. Now Micro assists customers with driving these costs down through reliable hardware, automation, and additional Microsoft Windows Embedded features:

  • Reliable hardware: Now Micro extensively tests hardware and software, using only the most reliable vendors and components. In addition, longer warranty periods are available on selected hardware.
  • Automation: By automating customization and deployment or utilizing Now Micro System Recovery Console (SRC), customers can quickly return systems suffering from software problems to their original state.
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded: Additional features from Microsoft Windows Embedded, such as Enhanced Write Filter, can reduce software issues over time by discarding changes to the disk when rebooted.

For more information on Now Micro’s Microsoft Windows Embedded solutions, please contact us here.