Visual Display Devices- Driving Digital Signage Flexibility

As Digital Signage evolves into a piece of an overall IoT strategy for many organizations, it is important to understand where existing investments, skills and ecosystems can provide additional value through analytics, targeting and optimizing purchasing.


The Intel Visual Data Device Specification is one way to address the need to perform analytics, video transcoding, caching and other services on the edge of the premises without the overhead of purchasing players that can perform these tasks on top of their more important duties.

Organizations are starting to realize the value of measuring engagement, viewership and even demographics of those who view their visual communications via digital signage.  Sending all of this data to a cloud service to be processes can be an expensive operational expense.  With VDD specification devices there is an option to perform work on site and when it cannot, consolidate and compress these streams to optimize your total cost of ownership for the solution.

As the media player market is being partially driven towards less costly media players, performing transcoding and AI based analysis may detriment their primary purpose: displaying content. Performing this work on-premise, but off end-user facing devices can allow you the most flexibility in your player mix.

Now Micro is excited to provide VDD specification devices that are cost effective and flexible enough to address these and future use cases.  Our short mounting depth 2U height devices can accommodate redundant disks, multiple I/O cards and an extended range of processors including Intel Xeon CPUs

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