Powerful New SRC Solution Added to Now Micro Digital Signage Media Players

Now Micro Intelligent Systems with SRC BenefitsFirst-of-its-kind System Recovery Console (SRC) lets users quickly roll back to a previous day’s backup—saving customers time and resources.

Now Micro unveiled new functionality for its Intelligent Systems called the System Recovery Console (SRC). Unlike any other software on the market, Now Micro Intelligent Systems with SRC allow customers to backup and restore the system while the operating system is running. The new functionality saves customers the considerable time and resources associated with traditional backup and recovery.

Until now, media player support has been a nightmare that involves dissecting the problem in hard-to-reach areas, dispatching a technician, shipping a new device, and re-configuring that device. With SRC, this process has been nearly eliminated, enabling customers to re-image their device onsite or remotely in just a few minutes instead of days. At it’s simplest, just roll back the system to the last time it worked, and reboot.

Now Micro Intelligent Systems with SRC let users roll back to a previous day’s backup stored locally while the system is still running. If the primary operating system is inoperable, users can run SRC and recover the system using an alternate boot image from the console.

Additional benefits of Now Micro Intelligent Systems with SRC include easy maintenance and setup, reduced support costs, enhanced security features, and the ability to update or re-image media players without reconfiguration or re-downloading content.